Brass machining

Brass machining

Brass machining, Brass machining production. Pel Pintossi leader in Brass machining, produces printed in brass steel and aluminum on a design specification. Metal stamping hot brass forgings, steel forging hot forging aluminum heat. The production phases, brass casting, mechanical working, polishing, assembling, are supported by a constant investment in terms of technology, so to take advantage of the best price/quality ratio. The Brass machining area of the company can supply pieces that weight from few grams to 6 Kgs. The last generation machines allow extreme precision finishings and high productivity. Brass machining. PEL safety ball valves stand out for their robustness, total reliability and unlimited durability. Custom made valves for special applications can be produced upon request. Forged and nickel plated brass ball valves, have chromium-plated balls, and are suitable for fluids, fuels, and methanization with maximun and minimum working temperatures from - 30C to 180C

Body: forged and nickel-plated brass OT58Cap: forged and nickel-plated brass OT58 Ball: forged or melted brass OT58, chromium-plated Pin: drawn brass OT58Manoeuvre: die-cast painted aluminium - ABS - forged OT58 Ball's parckings: PTFEPin's parckings: PTFE Max. and min. working temperatures: from - 30C to 180C Application fields: fluids - fuels
GAS COCK MOD. 20 S (0989-B)

Gas cock with thermoelectric safety device and without pilot for big ranges  

Pel Pintossi's fleet of machinery allows flexibility and guarantees the utmost dependability and accuracy. The production department is equipped with: Lathes with moving tailstock for bars diameter 5-30 mm Multi-spindle lathes for bars diameter 5-23 mm CNC single-spindle lathes for bars diameter 8-39 mm Single-spindle lathes for bars diameter 8-28 mm.

An efficient design office staffed by a highly skilled team of experts is able to study new products in synergy with the customer.   Tailor-made products, such as special valves, cocks, flanges, fittings and hot forging brass items, can be developed and produced in a very short time. NSF61 Brass available.

Fittings for 37 flared tube ensure a perfect seal at high pressures and are mainly used for hydraulic connections although other non-corrosive fluids can be used. They are fully interchangeable with other makes provided that they meet the norms in our catalogue. If the norms requirements and recommendations (max. operating pressure, torque, etc.) are complied with, these fittings can easily withstand stress due to vibration and sudden changes in operating pressure. These fittings are designed for use up to a maximum working pressure of 350 bar.
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